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Tesla, Technology, and Theory:
Practical Lessons for Innovation Strategy
Robert N. McGrath, Ph.D. / PMP
Part 1:  Tesla the Phenomenon and Business Challenge 
Chapter 1:  Tesla's History: Zero to $59 Billion in Seven Years
     Appendix:  Product and Industry Life Cycles 
Chapter 2:  The Concept of Strategy: Tesla and Competitive Advantage
     Appendix:  What is Capital-ism? 
Chapter 3:  Wall Street and Tesla's Changing Image With Stockholders
     Appendix:  Assessing Industry Profitability and Industry Structure 
Chapter 4:  The Locus of Innovation: Updating Myths and the Resource-Based View
     Appendix:  Internal Corporate Venturing 
Part II:  Tesla, Technology, and Lessons from
the Innovation Management Research
Chapter 5:  Technology S-curves: Nature's Constraints to Innovation
     Appendix:  Technology S-curves and First-Mover Advantage 
Chapter 6:  Technology Cycles: the Seminal Evolutionary Model and Extensions
     Appendix:  Break-Even and Learning Curves 
Chapter 7:  Technology Cycles:  Other Evolutionary Models and Extensions
     Appendix:  The Performance/Price Ratio 
Chapter 8:  Related Innovation Management Models and Extensions
     Appendix:  Vertical Integration 
Chapter 9:  An Integrated Evolutionary Model and Extensions
     Appendix:  The Strictly Global Context 
Chapter 10:  Conclusion 

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