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Doctoral: Ph.D., DBA, and DM


Dissertation in Business Administration

Dissertation in Project Management

Research Methods


Technology Strategy 

Integrated Technology, Product, and Industry Life Cycles 

Technological Innovation and Entreprenuership

Industry Structure and its Economic Evolution 




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Project Management

 Capital Project Planning and Portfolio Management

Risk, Procurement and Contracts Management

 Project Scheduling, Monitoring and Control







Master's Level:  MBA, EMBA, MPA, MS, MA


Strategic Planning and Management 

Managerial and Production Economics

Supply Chains as Competitive Advantage 

 The Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur






Project Management 

Project Management Software Tools

Engineering Requirements and Configuration Control Management

   Capital Project Management

Program and Portfolio Management








 Integrated Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Total Quality Management

 Heavy Industry / Reliability-Centered Maintenance









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